Prisoner Throughcare Conference 2017

Prisoner Throughcare - Team 2017
Last week our Prisoner Throughcare Officers from across the state came together for their bi-annual conference in Brisbane. It was a great opportunity for staff new and old to discuss common ground and also the diverse challenges related to their specific roles and regions.
The conference program provided a great platform for staff to share knowledge, hear from external service providers critical to their program delivery, and engage in interactive sessions aimed at team building and networking.
Focus topics included – Throughcare case scenarios, handling resistance, Commonwealth reporting and understanding domestic violence.
Congratulations to Gerald, Greg, Graham, Emma and all the team on a successful event and thank you to our guest presenter from CREST for the great insights and contribution to the program.
ATSILS is committed to developing its workforce to address the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the criminal justice system. Our Prisoner Throughcare team is funded by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and our PTCO Officers are early intervention and prevention specialists highly skilled at supporting offenders to make the necessary changes in their life needed to break their cycle of their offending.
Our Prisoner Throughcare teams operate out of our Ipswich, Murgon, Cairns, Townsville and Rockhampton offices and we have dedicated officers working specifically with youth offenders, adult male and female offenders. In addition the team has recently expanded to include specialist roles targeting high risk domestic violence offenders.
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Student Placements

ATSILS Student Placements ATSILSStudent placements with a human rights based organisation like ATSILS are an important element in inspiring the next generation of legal practitioners on a path of social justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Recently our Strathpine Office had he pleasure of hosting Tayleigh who is in the final stages of her law degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Reflecting on her 3-month placement Tayleigh said that she has learnt so much about the court processes, clients and also the organisations policies, procedures and administration. She got to attend court at Pine Rivers, Sandgate and Redcliffe, and was able to accompany staff on watch house visits and take part in video link interviews with clients.

She said it was a real eye opener to witness the social disadvantage and legal issues effecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients, but loved the teamwork and environment at the Strathpine Office who work tirelessly to ensure the legal rights of the local community are protected. Tayleigh said she would highly recommend a student placement with ATSILS to any individual with an interest in social justice.

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Our Latest Job Vacancies – Beenleigh/Ipswich > Mt Isa/Normanton > Murgon > Rockhampton > Toowoomba

Criminal Law Lawyer Jobs BrisbaneCome work with a thriving human rights based organisation and help us advance and protect the legal rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Queensland?

Due to funding success, ATSILS is offering several Criminal Law opportunities in our fastest-growing regional offices.

Take a look at the vacancies we have available in – Mt Isa > Murgon > Rockhamptom > Toowoomba > Ipswich & Beenleigh

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Maroochydore Murri Court

Murri Court Maroochydore launchThis week a new Murri Court was launched in Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi country at Maroochydore Magistrates Court on the Sunshine Coast. It was great to come together with local Elders, community and legal fraternity to celebrate the official opening of this vitally important justice alternative.

Murri Court is a critical element in creating a more culturally responsive justice system. It is designed to link Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander defendants to relative cultural and support services to help them make changes in their lives needed to break their cycle of offending.

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Murri Court in the media:


What is Murri Court?

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ATSILS Managers’ Workshop


Last week our leaders from across the State came together for a 2 day Managers’ workshop in Brisbane. The Managers’ were updated on data definitions related to service provision by our Principal Legal Officer Greg; given insight into activity around Communications and Sector Engagement by Graham; and had lengthy discussions regarding recruitment practices, cultural competence and our commitment to workforce development with our CEO – Shane and Human Resources Manager – Jane.

The workshop was held with fantastic collegiate spirit and it was a great opportunity for our Regional Managers, Directors of Law and Program Managers to share ideas on service delivery needs and solutions, and stay up to date with key management policies to ensure our organisation is compliant with funding agreements and tuned to the diverse needs of our communities across Queensland.

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Innovative Murri learning program keeping kids out of trouble in Mackay.



Recently ATSILS Communication and Sector Engagement Team met had met with Justin Giblett Coordinator of Kutta Mulla Gorinna (KMG), a deadly alternative learning program supporting and empowering our young ones to stay in contact with education and chase their dreams.

The program started in 2015 and it’s supportive and flexible approach to learning has attracted a number of disengaged/high risk youth back to an education pathway, diverted them away from the justice system and is achieving great attendance rates of between 80-90%. Despite its success however, the program has faced a constant battle in attracting regular funding and is in danger of closing its doors.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people are significantly over-represented in the criminal justice system and are 24x more likely than non-indigenous juveniles to be in detention. As the QLD Government & other governments around the nation look to justice/social reinvestment solutions to address this issue, it is critical they invest and support programs like KMG already making a difference in their local community.

Justice Reinvestment is a holistic approach that see funds diverted away from prisons and towards programs that address disadvantage and the root causes of crime. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, these programs must be locally designed and community led to be effective.

KMG as a great example of a community designed and led initiative that can steer our youth away from the criminal justice system through education and create effective pathways to future employment for vulnerable kids.

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View Article: ‘At-risk’ kids could lose their final school’


ATSILS Mackay Office



Our team in Mackay do a great job for the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and offer quality Civil, Criminal and Family legal assistance and representation.

The team are committed to protecting and advancing the legal rights of the many mobs in the region and have a particular passion in working with community and partners to address family violence and the over-representation of our kids in the child protection system.



If you need legal assistance you can contact the team on:
Phone: (07) 4953 4058
Address: 33 Sydney Street, Mackay 4740 (PO Box 1058)

Always remember for urgent legal assistance outside of office hours, the team in Mackay are there for clients 24/7 on our freecall legal assistance hotline: 1800 012 255



ATSILS Bundaberg Office

ATSILS Bundaberg TeamOur Bundaberg office deliver a range of Criminal, Civil and Family law services to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in the Wide Bay region.

The Bundy team are committed to ensuring the local community understand their legal rights and last week, they gave up some of their valuable time to participate in the development of a series of marketing and legal education resources. The resources being developed are aimed at enhancing awareness of our broad range of services, the importance of seeking legal assistance when considering a plea of guilty or not guilty, and to help clients better navigate the legal system.

If you need legal representation or assistance the team at Bundaberg can help you with a broad range of civil, family and criminal law matters.


Services Provided: Criminal Law (predominantly), Family and Civil Law
Address: Level 1, WIN Tower, Cnr Barolin & Quay Streets, Bund. 4670 (PO Box 1709)
Phone: (07) 4152 8044
Fax: (07) 4153  2187

Always remember for urgent legal assistance outside of office hours, the team in Bundaberg are there for clients 24/7 on our freecall legal assistance hotline: 1800 012 255


ATSILS CEO on the need for a new approach to crime and punishment

ATSILS CEO Shane Duffy on ABC Speaking Out discussing the need for a new approach to crime and punishment.

“…instead of looking at our mob as the problem, look at us as the solution.”

As the Royal Commission into juvenile detention in the Northern Territory continues, legal rights advocates have called on governments to rethink their approach to criminal justice. Shane Duffy believes Justice Reinvestment could be a win-win solution for state and territory governments, as well as Indigenous communities.