NEWS: Closing the Gap – The Prime Minister’s Report 2015


Publication abstract:

This is the seventh Closing the Gap Report produced since targets were set by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in 2008. The report shows that although there has been some improvement in education and health outcomes for Indigenous Australians, most Closing the Gap targets are not on track to be met. The Government is continuing to focus on reform of Indigenous affairs and the positive impact that this will have on the Closing the Gap targets. There is a strong emphasis on practical actions to get kids to school, adults into work, make communities safer and advancing constitutional recognition.

Closing the Gap – The Prime Minister’s Report 2015

AHRC Social Justice and Native Title Report 2014

NEWS: AHRC Social Justice and Native Title Report 2014

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ATSILS welcomes the “Creating safe communities” recommendations outlined by Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda in his Social Justice and Native Title Report 2014.

These recommendations are listed as:

Recommendation 1: The Australian Government revises its current position on targets as part of Closing the Gap, to include holistic justice targets aimed at promoting safer communities.

Recommendation 2: The Australian Government actively consults and works with the National Justice Coalition on justice related issues.

Recommendation 3: The Australian Government takes a leadership role on justice reinvestment and works with states, territories and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to identify further trial sites



VIDEO: Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage Report

The Australian Government Productivity Commission: Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage report, measures the well-being of Australia’s Indigenous peoples. The report provides information about outcomes across a range of strategic areas such as early child development, education and training, healthy lives, economic participation, home environment, and safe and supportive communities. The report examines whether policies and programs are achieving positive outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

pdfMedia release and key points (PDF – 319 KB)


pdfKey indicators and trends: Fact sheet #1 (PDF – 403 KB)


VIDEO: Indigenous Legal Needs Project

The Indigenous Legal Needs Project is a national research study of the civil and family law needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This new animated video identifies issues and findings in Queensland. This project was undertaken by James Cook University with support from Aboriginal Legal services around the country.