These Are My Rights – If you were detained or stopped by the Police, would you know your Rights?

ATSILS “These Are My Rights” cards are available to all clients and are designed to help you protect your rights and create safer interactions with Police if you’re ever detained. If you need legal assistance, Call ATSILS on our Free call hotline: 1800 012 255


ATSILS Helped Me: watch this short video to find out about the many ways we can assist our clients with family, civil and criminal law matters.

Hear from these deadly young ones about the many ways ATSILS can assist our clients. ATSILS provides criminal, civil and family law assistance and representation from 25 offices across Queensland.


OPCAT – the torture prevention treaty that ensures the human rights and dignity of people in places of detention are protected.

The Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against Torture – OPCAT – sends a clear message: the risk of torture and other ill-treatment exists in all situations where persons are deprived of their liberty . The OPCAT is a UN treaty that Australia has signed up to that would ensure national and international monitoring of people in these vulnerable situations. The transparency this creates acts as a deterrent to violating human rights in the first place. The OPCAT has bipartisan support, but has not been put into effect. Australia has sat on it since 2009. We call on the Australian government to ratify OPCAT as a matter of urgency as we believe this treaty is fundamental to ensuring the human rights and dignity of people in places of detention are protected.

Find out more about OPCAT here:


Court Support Officers – the frontline of our culturally competent service delivery

Court Support Officers – enhancing access to justice for the most vulnerable in our communities.

In this video our dedicated team in Townsville give insight into their vital work in liaising between clients and our lawyers.

Our Court Support Officers are the heart & soul of our culturally competent service delivery. All of our Court Support Officers identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander. They’re usually they’re local people with strong connection to the community who are highly skilled at engaging mob and ensuring they understand their legal rights. They work hard to break down the many barriers preventing access to justice for the most vulnerable in our communities.


Prisoner Throughcare – An innovative program aimed at reducing recidivism

Our Prisoner Throughcare team are early intervention and prevention specialists helping women, men and juvenile prisoner break the cycle of offending. In this video the team from Townsville give you a great insight into the aim of the program, the services we provide and the range of people we help.


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Join the team leading in the delivery of culturally competent legal services across Queensland. Currently we have 2 Legal Practitioner positions available – Family & Civil (Toowoomba) & Family & Child Protection (Cairns)

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