SWQ Court Circuit Oct 2016

Rural and Remote Court Circuits – Servicing South West Queensland

Last week our Director of Communications and Sector Engagement Graham joined Di and Divina on the road to justice in South West Queensland. Graham got to see first hand the great work they do in assisting clients on rural and remote court circuits in this vast region.

The journey was a good opportunity to gain insight into the high demand for our services in these rural locations with the team working long days dealing with a high volume of matters and roughing it in the flash 5-star court facilities in towns like St George.

In many regions across this great state ATSILS undertake court circuits to ensure access to justice for the many mobs living in locations where no -one else will go. At the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service a critical element of our business model is making sure our services reach not only the socially disadvantaged but also the geographically disadvantaged in rural and remote locations.

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